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You are a Kitesurfer?

You are looking for getting your feet wet in Kitesurfing?

Do not hesitate to look for our weekly Kitesurf Cruises. In the collaboration between Paros Kite and Seas the moment, Paros Kite introduces you regularly scheduled cruises, along with on-board Kitesurfing lessons.

Paros Kite provides you full gear onboard along with one (or more if needed) Instructor to get you started.

Learn how to ride your first meters or try your first jumps and tricks away from the crowd! Surround yourself with turquoise water of secret spots around Paros and Antiparos! Enjoy your special Kitesurf lessons alone or with your family/friends on our beautiful vintage ship!

Book your Kitesurf Cruises and onboard lessons now!

Live the experience! Create one of the best memories of your life.

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If you do Kitesurfing and you are looking for a new adventure in Paros, Paros Kite and Seas the moment are pleased to organize for you downwind trips to secret spots. We can make the trip either from early in the morning either late in the afternoon for a unique sunset session.

We will provide you all necessary Kitesurf gear. In the same time, one of our top Kitesurfing Instructors will escort you and assist you.

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We offer a range of services throughout the season with our Daily Cruises. To accommodate everyone’s needs, we provide a range of cruise types and durations.

* Note, our daily cruises are mostly operated on a private booking basis.
We do advise our customers to book with us in advance, to avoid any disappointment.

** Note, according to the daily weather forecast, some itinerary locations and cruise times are subjected to change.

If you do not feel like sailing, the boat is also available for swimming and dinner, directly within the Alyki Port.



The fleet can be hired for weddings, dinners, parties and other special events at your choice. For RESERVATION, please kindly contact us a few weeks in advance to ensure the availability and to discuss the necessary details for the event day.

Seas The Moment is a family oriented business with sailing experience. We offer high-quality personalized off-shore services for a unique daily cruise experience, along with the Aegean waters.

The cruises take place in a one of a wooden vintage boat, known as a “schooner”, originally built in 1928. The fleet is named after the protector of sailors, Agios Nicholaos (Saint Nicholas). It is the only one of its kind remaining in the Mediterranean waters.

Agios Nicholaos was first renovated at the end of WW2 in 1948. An engine was installed in 1950, whilst to this day it keeps its original design and equipment. Besides, it has been officially registered as a museum by the Ministry of History and Culture of Greece.

At the present, regarding the knowledge of the European Maritime Heritage, only 60 boats remain. However, only 10 out of it are being kept of its original and authentic design. Our own, Agios Nikolaos, is officially included in those 10 remaining. Now, we have the pleasure to re-introduce it in the Aegean waters.

Agios Nicholaos has been in the ownership of Captains Nefeli and George for the past 30 years; it is strictly operated by them. We are based in the domain of Paros (Cyclades Islands), in the Aegean waters.

Our daily cruises begin with boarding from Aliki port. Regardless of the cruise type you choose, there is a one hour stop minimum, at each location. Then, you can enjoy the turquoise waters and experience the underwater life.


All of our daily cruises include:

– A warm lunch consisting of seafood, salad, and fruits
– Unlimited consumption of beverages, beer, local wine and water
– On deck shower
– Masks and respirators for adults and children
– On deck seating with all comforts
– Toilet
– WiFi
– Music



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