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DIEGO PIMENTA (our pirate)

Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2 this season for sure
Years in kite:
7+ years in kite
Teaching experience:
6+ years teaching
Seasons in Paroskite:
3 seasons in Paros and counting
Why ParosKite:
It became something like a habit to meet Paroskite crew once a year. I teach a lot, I eat feta cheese, i drink good coffee and eventually I get Greeker and Greeker every season there re!
Good i think...
Moon-ballet style
Languages I Speak:
English, Portuguese, Spanish and a bit of Greek (and a liiiittle bit of French to :) )
Favorite spot:
Lake region of Rio de Janeiro
Favorite conditions:
Flat water, enough offshore wind for a comfortably overpowered 12 m² in a short twin tip.
Describe yourself:
I'm a simple guy and I learn stuff. I am a guitar player, yet I cannot sing. I edit videos pretty nicely for amateur standards. I fish, then I cook and its awesome. I make bad investments. I can beat you in chess if u're not a pro. Table tennis former addicted. I can walk over a firm rope, or a slack line.

I teach paragliding, I'm a base jumper and I fly wing suits close to mountains and trees, but GoPro crew doesn't care! I solve problems smartly and efficiently. I make the nicest campfire you'll ever see. AND I'm the last time-traveler pirate from Rio de Janeiro, for sure.