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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2
Years in kite:
8 years
Teaching experience:
3+ years
Students until now:
300 +
Seasons in Paroskite:
2021 is the first and I'm fully motivated
Why ParosKite:
Because it's the greatest nautical center in the world and perhaps, around Greece ;)
Smooth old fashion
Languages I Speak:
Portuguese, English, Spanish
Favorite conditions:
25 knots combined with 2 meters waves
Describe yourself:
Well, I'm a simple person, fascinated by nautical sports (yes, all of them) which I've been competing since 15 years old, I was 3 times national champion in sailing in the only fully Portuguese shaped sailing boat. Although I also know how to enjoy a good game of cards, pool or chess.
I've been working in Tourism Industry for the past 3 years, throughout different perspectives, related with Culture/History or Sports that allow travellers to take advantage of the environment that surround them.
Furthermore, I highly value a nice sense of humour, the importance of human relations and true friendships cause I consider home as a feeling, not as a place!