CONTACT US: +30 6944 199 666 / INFO@PAROSKITE.GR


Kitesurf Station Assistant


Years in kite:
Just starting
Teaching experience:
None (in kitesurfing, enough in English) but I can help you find the perfect gear for you at all conditions.
Seasons in Paroskite:
On my 3rd this year
Why ParosKite:
Beautiful spot and great people, like a family to me.
Just riding to get my mind off things, feel free and mostly have fun
Languages I Speak:
Greek, english and french
Favorite spot:
Paroskite @ of course
Favorite conditions:
Strong enough but not too strong, a bit late in the afternoon while sun is (not) shinning on my face and I can feel the breeze
Describe yourself:
English literature student, sea lover and music festival enthusiast, I am always up for a new adventure, always seeking new experiences. I am always happy to help and glad to meet new interesting people.