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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2 since 2012
Years in kite:
11+ years Kiting
Teaching experience:
6+ years teaching experience
Seasons in Paroskite:
First one 2012
Why ParosKite:
Because it is the best Location to teach and to learn Kitesurfing
Come and see
Free ride, Old school, free style
Languages I Speak:
Romanian and english
Favorite spot:
Pounta Paros of course
Favorite conditions:
25 knots wind
Describe yourself:
Kiting is my spirit and my passion,  As Level 2 Instructor, I wish to share my fascination for this water sport with you. I lived in the U.S for twenty years, where I discovered kiteboarding and started my teaching experience. Mean while, I teached in Portugal and Greece. I am highly motivated and professional, focusing on my teaching and I'm basing my lessons on quality, safety and service.