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Reception Assistant


Years in kite:
Teaching experience:
1 in Brazil and 1 in Paroskite, Pounda
Seasons in Paroskite:
Ever since i learned how to kite
Why ParosKite:
Despite the fact that Paroskite is at the top of my list as a spot, it feels like home as well. We have made strong bonds between us and we 're making the best out of it.
Don't know yet, still experimenting..
Languages I Speak:
Greek, english and a little bit of spanish
Favorite spot:
Pounda in Paros and Cape Town in South Africa.
Favorite conditions:
Wind and waves... what else?
Describe yourself:
Loving the beach, the good parties, happy humans, noodles and the cupcakes. Seeking the good swells, following the open ocean. As simple as that... Let' s thrive along.