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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Years in kite:
4 years
Teaching experience:
2 years teaching kite
Students until now:
Seasons in Paroskite:
2 seasons
Why ParosKite:
Paroskite is the BEST school in the world! with the best crew!! and world calls conditions
just having fun and goofing around
Wakestyle, Sliders and Surf.. a little bit
Languages I Speak:
now I'm with Best TS & GP, Best Armada
Favorite spot:
Paroskite in europe, Cape HAtteras Slick in USA and Boracay ISland in Asia
Favorite conditions:
i love 15-20knots flat water for wakestyle and sliders, 20-25+knots with tiny kites and surfboard in waves
Describe yourself:
*music lover *vegetable eater *dancing girl *tan amplifier *wave catcher *abstract artist *boardsports rider *nature's daughter *dream believer *ethnic dancer * beach ornament

It’s difficult to believe that our Cabrinha sponsored IKO instructor from the Philippines only started kiting in 2009. However, bubbly Paula is a very accomplished surfer and wakeboarder. By combining her experience and skills into her kiteboarding she has become one of the world’s best female riders. Paula also teaches Poi/Zip dancing, swimming and wakeboarding, loves to host a BBQ/Party and makes great homemade burger patties.