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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2
Years in kite:
10 and counting
Years in Windsurf:
Teaching experience:
2 seasons @ Extreme Algarve Portugal, 1 season @ Paros Pro Kite Center, Private lessons off-season for the past 5 years in Drepano (greek local spot)
Seasons in Paroskite:
Just starting, summer season of 2020
Why ParosKite:
I want to work for ParosKite because I'm passionate about the sport, but I'm also passionate about the spot. Pounda beach is where I had the chance to really develop my kite skills. The consistent wind, and safe channel make for excellent teaching. I've also had the pleasure of meeting the ParosKite crew in my past season at Paros Pro Kite Center and really loved the positive vibe, school atmosphere and cool people.
Freestyle, Big air
Languages I Speak:
Greek and english
Favorite spot:
Drepano, Faros and Pounda in Greece of course :)
Favorite conditions:
Lots of wind is all i need!
Describe yourself:
I am a 25 year old Greek American who is finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Patras. I grew up in Athens and have always been passionate about sports, including snowboarding, windsurfing, gymnastics, tennis and parkour. I got married in May 2019 to my wife, Sophia and we love to travel the world together and work in tourism during the summer. I am hardworking, dependable and driven to achieve the most out of every opportunity that comes my way. I really enjoy getting to know new people and teaching is one of the most fulfilling things I've experienced - sharing a skill I love always makes me happy.