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Kitesurf Insructor


Instructor level:
Level 2
Years in kite:
8 years Kiting
Teaching experience:
3 seasons Kiteboard / 10 seasons Snowboard
Seasons in Paroskite:
First one 2017
Why ParosKite:
Never been to Greece before, so why not choose a paradise spot and a team that looks awesome!
Still learning every sessions
Hooked but whatever I feel the wind is letting my mind do.
Languages I Speak:
Flysurfer. Will try any equipment I can put my hand or feet on!
Favorite spot:
Japan for its community
Favorite conditions:
Windy enough to fly a kite
Describe yourself:
Simple Frenchy following a Snow-life, Kite-life sprinkled with some photography and travel. Will always try to fly a kite even if it mean running to create some wind. Dry humor, will joke at your struggle and make you laugh at my failure because learning is more fun with some comedy. Dreaming of backcountry snowkite splitboarding.