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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2
Years in kite:
24 years I'm handling kites, 22 years I'm windsurfing, 10 years I'm kitesurfing
Teaching experience:
4+ seasonS as kite instructor, also teaching skiing and other subjects
Seasons in Paroskite:
First time in 2017
Why ParosKite:
The team here has a very good spirit, the wind is impressive, Greek people are nice, the food, landscape, nature is not too spoiled.
All styles with natural free-ride mind set. I go far to see where I am and where I am not.
Languages I Speak:
I ride f-ones and Best.
Favorite spot:
Beauduc in France, Vella in Srilanka, Drepano and Pounda of course in Greece, more generally the seas of Gaia
Favorite conditions:
Laminar winds 24 knots, butter flat pristine waters, with sea turtles and dolphins ?
Describe yourself:
I am an adventurer biologist, a little like Indiana Jones, but with an iPhone and not searching for gold, but for insanely intense moments.

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