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Level 1 Paroskite

Level 1 Paroskite

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Discover Kitesurfing Beginner Level with Paros Kite

Discover Kitesurfing Beginner Level with Paros Kite.
Hello to happy people again,
I hope you all did party hard the night of our party. Paros Kite was delighted to celebrate 25 years anniversary of ParosWindsurf. Besides an opportunity for Kitesurfers and Windsurfers getting together, Paros Kite respects to Windsurfing which exists before Kiteboarding.
Meltemi gave us some very productive days in August. Therefore, only till now I have some time to “blog” the level plan at Paroskite. Paros Kite plan is based on international and worldwide standard
In fact, we divide the level plan into 3 parts: Level 1 (Beginner), Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Independent). In this post, we are going to study about Kitesurfing Beginner Level.

Kitesurfing Beginner Level (Level 1)

Level 1 training mainly focuses on mastering the wind power. This course takes place about 4 hours in a group. Time depends on the student ’s ability as well as knowledge. In addition, the natural condition at the spot is crucial.
The first lesson helps student locating him/herself and understanding the wind. Then, he/she will be able to manage the equipment while earning the ability to control the kite.
Normally, it takes 30-45mins for theories, which includes SEA (Sport, Environment, and Activity), carrying and securing the kite on land, setting up the kite, safety system, pre-flight check. Then, several learning steps as below:
– Launching & Landing as assistance
– 1st piloting & exploring the wind window’s edge
– Letting go of the bar
– Twisting & untwisting the lines
– Flying one-handed
– Trim discovery
– Walking while flying the kite
– Launching & landing as a pilot
– Wind window theory
– In-flight quick release activation
– Self-landing
– Packing equipment
 You have now an idea of your first lesson at Paros Kite. In the next article, I will talk further about Level 2 as your first body drag attempts. Get ready!
Kitesurfing Beginner Level

Level 1 Beginner Paros Kite

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Level 1 Paroskite