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Kitesurf Instructor


Instructor level:
Level 2 almost Level 3
Years in kite:
Since i was 14... That means 9 until now!
Teaching experience:
5+ years
Students until now:
Between Belgium, Aruba and Fuerte Ventura, who knows?
Seasons in Paroskite:
First Season 2019
Why ParosKite:
My goal was to go to Greece this summer because I’ve heard from other instructors that the wind blows practically the whole summer.
And I want to see different spots every year, to get experience in different conditions. Paros was an island I hadn’t heard of before, that’s why I was interested.
Advanced i would say
I like every style of kitesurfing, now I’m more focused on freestyle.
Languages I Speak:
Dutch, english and french
Favorite spot:
I have a lot of favourite spots, If I had to choose, I would say Dakhla and Cabarete.
Favorite conditions:
I don’t really have a favorite condition, maybe for the moment I like flat water more with at least 20knots.
Describe yourself:
I like my job as instructor because you’re always interacting with people, so I’m always motivated. I like meeting new people and making more friends. I’m easy going and like working in a team who shares the same passion as I do.
That’s why I try to find new spots every year, so I can get better and better at teaching, in every condition and meet new people from all over the world.