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Wingfoil Lessons in Greece


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Wingfoil Lessons in Paros

The new trend among the extreme watersports, a combination of 3 sports, kite, windsurf and foil, all in one small and efficient package, the wingfoil equipment is separated in 3 parts.

The wing, which is a kite sophisticated wing without kite bar & lines, its small in sizes, here the big sizes are around 6m2 for light winds and goes down as small as 2m2 for very high winds, the wing “control bar” is a boom similar to windsurf but its 1/4 the size of a WS boom, or grab handles that are attached to the central strut, all wings have 1 strut regardless the size or brand.

The dynamics of the wing is a balance of kite and windsurf together, like having a sail that is a kite with extremely light weights and not connected to a board, all controls are in the hands.

The board, is similar to very small windsurf/SUP boards, yet enough volume to stand on, for newbies the volumes vary from 140Lt to 160Lt, for advanced the volumes can go as low as 50Lt, the average foils boards are 75Lt to 125Lt, there are no fins, and in some cases no straps either.

The foil, is the same style as kitesurf or windsurf foils, there are several types of foils for all elements, freeride, race, freestyle and wave surf along with a huge variety of front/back wing sizes that are calculated in m2 and or wing span, also the main fin/mast has several lengths from less than 60cm up to 100cm, the average sizes are 70cm to 90cm, for beginners the sorter is prefered.

Wingfoiling is an average-easy sport to learn and as all extreme sports it requires some discipline and devotion in the beginning, experienced windsurfers, kitesurfers are always a bit faster learners especially if foiling (with kite or windsurf) is part of their experience.
It’s very attractive because of the wide range in locations to go wingfoiling, since you don’t need space to run lines, or someone to launch your kite, the wind range is big from below 5knt and some extreme guys are winging up to 35+

Wingfoil & Paroskite

Here @paroskite we are into Wingfoiling from day one, we have the most experienced crew to teach and guide you through the right gear for rentals* or purchases.
The conditions were already known from kite & windsurf, to be the best in Greece, a world class location with unique side shore wind, the consistency of the wind and the perfect angle along with the amazing sea colors, make the perfect blend for the ultimate riding experience.

*rentals are only available for  experienced riders.


LOW SEASON P/PERSON (1/4 - 30/6 & 11/9 - 31/10)

HIGH SEASON P/PERSON (01/07 - 10/09)

Private 1:1 1 hour

€ 120 p/h

€ 130 p/h

Private 1:1 2-5 hours

€ 110 p/h

€ 120 p/h

Private 1:1 6-9 hours

€ 100 p/h

€ 110 p/h

Private 1:1 10+ hrs

€ 90 p/h

€ 100 p/h


LOW SEASON P/PERSON (1/4 - 30/6 & 11/9 - 31/10)

HIGH SEASON P/PERSON (01/07 - 10/09)

Semi-private 2:1 4 hours

€ 250

€ 270

Semi-private 2:1 8 hours

€ 460

€ 500

Semi-private 2:1 13 hours

€ 665

€ 690



Price per Hour

VIP Private

1- 8 hours

150€ p/h

VIP Private

> 8 hours

130€ p/h