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Wingfoil equipment rentals on Paros

Wingfoil Rentals

Get Geared up!


Wingfoil rentals are available at Paroskite!

Don’t want to carry your equipment?
Your suitcase is already full and extra baggage is expensive?
Your wings are not at the right size?

Don’t worry! Come to Paroskite, we have the solution for you. You can rent either a Wing, either a Wingboard, either the completed gear. As you wish! Everything is possible!

Paroskite offers you new equipment with several options from Eleveight, Starboard and Sabfoil You can choose Wing or Wingfoil board at the size which suits you, we have available every size. You can also change the size of the rented gear depending on the wind power changes. Furthermore, Paroskite has collected all types of Wings and foils at your selection (entry level, freeride, gliders and wave surf foils). Equipment at Paroskite is often updated and maintained in excellent quality. You can see the our Wingfoil gear collection here.



Insurance (optional)

1 hour

€ 50

€ 10

2 hours

€ 90

€ 15

3 hours -> Daily

€ 120

€ 20

3 Days

€ 330

€ 60

Weekly Rentals (Excl. August)

€ 490

€ 80